What is TuckDB Postcards?

TuckDB Postcards is a free database of antique postcards. Every card in this database was published by the now defunct Raphael Tuck & Sons.

Raphael Tuck & Sons was the world's largest postcard publisher. The images used span the entire globe and offer a unique visual history of life in the late 19th and early 20th century.

During the London Blitz of the Second World War the company headquarters was destroyed including greeting cards, records and originals images. TuckDB is an attempt to recreate those lost records.

TuckDB is non-profit and does not sell postcards.

More than Postcards

Raphael Tuck & Sons published more than just postcards. Please visit our sister site TuckDB Ephemera for puzzles, books, calendars and more.

We have also created a third site TuckDB Catalogs, containing the original Tuck sales catalogues. These catalogues list everything that Raphael Tuck & Sons sold.

Credits and Additional Information

TuckDB would not have been possible without the great help of many contributors. For a full list please visit the credits section.

For more information about TuckDB and Raphael Tuck & Sons please visit the following sections: